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Main tasks

  • Supervision of surface and underground drilling works;

  • Prospecting and geological mapping works in the field;

  • Core logging with different many software;

  • Deviation control, drilling data transcription into GIS and modeling software;

  • Participation in the processing and interpretation of analysis results;

  • Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) ;

  • Ore grade control in production (open pit and underground);

  • Mapping of underground galleries and participation ingeological model updating 

  • Perform ground geophysical survey works;

  • Participation in the reports drafting;

  • Perform all other various tasks allowing the team to achieve its objectives.


  • Hold a university degree in geology or geological engineering

  • Be a member of a Canadian professional association of geologists or engineers

  • Be legally authorized to work in Canada

  • Speak and write French and/or English

  • Be willing to work in multiple regions or provinces

  • Have good software skills

Schedule to be discussed.

Geo Squad's geologist working for underground mapping

Geology Technician

Main tasks :

  • Installation of boreholes and drill alignment;

  • Execution of deviation tests;

  • Inspections of drilling sites (health, safety and environment);

  • Control, reception and handling of drill core boxes;

  • Preparation of core boxes to log by geologists;

  • RQD measurements;

  • Tagging and storage of drill core boxes as directed;

  •  Drill cores splitting;

  • Archiving of pulps and rejection of samples;

  • Cleaning of the workplace, tools and equipment;

  • Assist geologists and project engineers with logistical tasks related to exploration or production activities.


  • Hold a college degree in mineral 

  • Be in good physical condition

  • Hold a class 5 driver's license

  • Speak and write French and/or English 

Schedule to be discussed.

Mineral Analysis Laboratory Technician Assistant

Main tasks :

  • Dry preparation of samples (Crushing, Grinding and pulverization);

  • Wet sample preparation (mixing, sieving, grinding and gravimetric separation)  ;

  • Operation of drying ovens;

  • Compilation, digitization and entry of analysis results;

  • General cleaning for the cleanliness of the laboratory and equipment;

  • Perform any other miscellaneous dutiest your team to achieve its goals.


  • Have completed secondary 5

  • Be thorough 

  • Be in good physical condition

  • Hold a class 5 driver's license

  • Speak and write French and/or English 

Schedule to be discussed.

Geo Squad's tech working in geolab

Geo Squad Academy

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