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Geo Squad's employee working in drill core shed
Geo Squad's tech with drill core

Rental of specialized personnel

In the general context of labor shortage that Canada is currently experiencing, and thanks to our strategic partnership with Interim International Inc, we offer an excellent solution to mining and exploration companies, laboratories and other engineering firms. , who wish to meet their personnel needs in the short and/or medium term.

Professions and trades available.

Geo Squd's geologist with drill core

and geological engineers.

Some examples of tasks carried out by our geologists.

  • Compilation of historical data;

  • Analysis and interpretation of geochemical data;

  • Planning and Supervision of surface and underground drilling work;

  • Execution of prospecting and geological mapping work

  • Description of drill cores with different logging software;

  • 3D modeling and resource calculation;

  • Participation in the processing and interpretation of analysis results;

  • Execution of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) control measures;

  • Control and monitoring of the quality of ore in production (open pit and underground);

  • Execution of ground geophysical survey work;

  • Participation in the drafting of evaluation or expert reports;

  • Execution of all other various tasks allowing the team to achieve its objectives.

Some examples of tasks carried out by our geology technicians.

  • Participation in prospecting and exploration campaigns

  • Installation of boreholes and alignment of drills;

  • Execution of deviation tests;

  • Inspections of drilling sites (health, safety and environment);

  • Management of core libraries according to directives;

  • Preparation of drill core samples (coding, crushing, grinding, pulverization, shipping, archiving)

  • Maintenance of the workplace, as well as tools and equipment;

  • Assists geologists

Geo Squad's tech inplanting drill location

Geology Technicians

Geo Squad's tech working in geolab


Some examples of tasks carried out by our geotechnicians.

  • Environmental monitoring for soil management purposes;

  • Participate in field work (monitoring geotechnical and environmental surveys), drilling and exploration trenches;

  • Description and geotechnical and environmental sampling of soils and rock according to procedures and standards in force;

  • Material control and concrete formula

  • Laboratory tests (compaction, triaxial, Atterberg limits, etc.)

  • In situ testing, calibration and reading of various instruments

  • Groundwater sampling, well development;

  • Writing technical survey reports and daily reports;

  • Perform all other related tasks.​

We provide various other technical support personnel including...

  • Offers at the car library

  • Day laborers in geotechnical laboratories and mineral analysis laboratories for sample preparation

  • Daily workers for construction sites, mines, quarries and exploration sites.

  • Logistical support personnel for mining or exploration camps: Cook helpers, maintenance workers, etc.

Geo Squad's tech working in geolab
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